Ships in line

Ships in Line.  Shown from front to rear: Nevada, Colorado, Tennessee, Louisville, and Baltimore.   The first three are battleships.   Nevada and Tennessee were at Pearl Harbor.  Nevada was the only battleship to get under way but it was hit by a torpedo and bombs and sank in shallow water.  She was repaired inside of three months. Tennessee was only slightly damaged and was in service by the end of 1941.   Colorado was undergoing a refit at Puget Sound Navy Yard at the time of Pearl Harbor.  Louisville was a "treaty" heavy cruiser and Baltimore was the first of a new class of heavy cruiser built after the treaty restrictions were abandoned.

This mimics the famous WWII photo which is also the subject of the painting on my home page.   The time is late 1944 or early 1945.  All are 1:1250 models by Neptun, but Oklahoma substitutes for her sister Nevada and St. Paul for Baltimore.