Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark was made by CM(Carlos Marquardt) without sails or rigging. I added these over a period of several days. The sails are made from aluminum foil and the standing and running rigging is made from Gordon Griffiths 14/00 shear flyfishing thread. Assembly follows instructions from Rod Langton Miniatures in England.

I also added port side hull to give the ship a realistic tilt. Real 22 carat gold foil trims the bow and figurehead. In this case a scanned view leaves something to be desired. An enlargement of the starboard side below gives another view of the rigging:

Cutty Sark Starboard

Although the scanned images have a charm all their own, this newer digital photo image gives a more complete impression. Note that the courses have been cut back and a few crew added:

Cutty Sark Rigged—Digital Photo