IJN Ise (Battleship), about 1942. This model is in a scale of 1:1200( British and American ) instead of the usual 1:1250 (continental Europe). The Comet (Authenticast) model bears a date on the bottom of "2-43". So you could say I am messing with an antique; but these are common and not particularly valuable in their original state.

Comet IJN Ise¬ódetailed and painted

Apart from repairs, the following were added: Four AA cannon, ten pairs of AA machine guns,gun tubs, ten boats, two sets of davits, forecastle ventilator, foremast searchlight, foremast main fire control rangefinder and air search radar, mainmast antennas,stern jack staff and flag, radio aerials, signal bridges and signal flag hoists. Also, the Imperial Chrysanthemum emblem was added to the bow with 22 kt. gold leaf and rust was simulated on the hull. The upperdecks are painted to simulate the reddish brown linoleum then in use.

Slightly different shades of gray were used depending on the prominence of the feature in order to emphasize the form to the naked eye. (In this scan, however, most of the subtlety is lost in the glare.) Authentic colors in this scale are sometimes not helpful. Models painted at the factory in one color often lack realism because the loss of color through distance (aerial perspective) is always a factor, especially in the smaller scales. One is usually 800 or a thousand "scale feet" from the model when looking at it!

I include a detail of the citadel area here.

Ise¬óportside detail

There is a thread I haven't cut off from the midships crane abaft the foremast! It took the scan for me to catch it. There is a unity and coherance to the model that is lost in the scan.

Here is a recent digital photo showing the addition of crewmen on the fo'c'sle. It shows how much crew can add to the model. They even cast shadows. They can be see from five feet (a mile) away. Note rigging has been redone. The thread has been replaced with monofilament painted black. It is more to scale for aerials.

Comet Ise with Crew casting Shadows