The Michel 8 Varieties

¼ Schilling from 1874—Michel 8c

The ¼ Schilling Issues

¼ Schilling from 1874—Michel 8c


Mi 8c, 8b, and 8a

Here you can see the three principle issues of the ¼ Schilling stamp, showing from the RIGHT, 8a, 8b and 8c (not issued). The color error stamp, 8F, is shown elsewhere . The 8b is a smaller piece of paper but the image is the same size. It is just perforated closer to the printed border, making the stamp seem smaller.

Back of Mi 8c, 8b and 8a

The scanned back of the three stamps. The 8a is unsigned because Karl-Heinz Schulz has issued a photo certificate for it. Note the varied sharpness of the medallion impression.

Transparent image of Mi 8c, 8b and 8a

The same stamps in the same order, showing the 8c printed on thin random wove paper and the 8b and 8a printed on mesh paper. Of course there is nothing like holding the stamps in your hand under a bright light. The 8a is the "mystery stamp" on the Heligoland Paper page.


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