Pollard Chart 5

Michel 4

Pollard Chart 5
1. If the Ridge is present, the stamp is an Original (Scott #4).
2. If the presence of the Ridge is questionable and the rouletted
edges are somewhat ragged, examine the stamp under ultra
violet light. If the red is a deep rose, then the stamp is an
original (Scott #4). If the red is orange brown to lilac brown,
the stamp is the Berlin Reprint.
3. If the Ridge is not present and the rouletted edges are cleancut,
the stamp is either the Leipsig Reprint or one of the three Ham-
burg Reprints. Without examples for comparison, it is very diffi-
cult to distinguish one from another.
4. Original and reprints are all Head Type I. All of the Leipsig
Reprints and a few of the Hamburg Reprints have a small red dot
in the hair knob which protrudes from the back of the head.

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