Pollard Chart 3

Michel 3

Pollard Chart 3
1. If the Ridge is present the stamp is an Original (Scott #3).
2. If the Ridge is not present or is questionable, examine the
stamp under ultra violet light. If the center is a dull gray-
ish olive green, the stamp is an Original. The center of the
Berlin Reprint is a bright warm yellow green. The centers
of the other reprints are black, greenish black or dark gray.
3. The rouletted edges of the Originals are ragged and have
a fuzzy appearance; the Berlin and Leipsig Reprints usually
have a slightly ragged look; and the Hamburg Reprints are
very cleancut, looking almost imperf.
4. The trifoliate ornaments at the corners of the center oval
are sharply embossed on the Original. They are not emboss-
ed on the Berlin and Hamburg Reprints. On the Leipsig Re-
prints they vary from weakly embossed to not embossed.
5. Originals and reprints are all Head Type I.
6. There are no distinguishing variations in the color of the
paper under ultra violet light.

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