Pollard Chart 1

Michel 1I and 1 II

Pollard Chart 1
1. If the stamp has Head Type I, it is an Original (Scott #1).
2. If the stamp has Head Type II and the Ridge is present,
it is an Original (Scott #1A).
3. If the Ridge is not present or is questionable, use the
ultra violet light chart. If, under ultra violet light, the
frame is dark olive green and the paper is white, the stamp
is an Original (Scott #1A). If the paper is a light tan, it
is the 1st Berlin Reprint.
4. The green of the Originals is a bluish green, but without
specimens for comparison, this fact may not be of much use.
5. Rouletting of Originals is not cleancut but appears ragged
and fuzzy.

Michel 1II

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