The Half-Schilling

and Other Schilling Reprints

Excluding the ¾ and 1½ Schilling Reprints

The Half Schilling Reprints

(Michel 1II and Michel 6—both reprinted from the same die)
And Virtually Complete (!):

Half Schilling Page 1

Half Schilling Page 2

Half Schilling Page 3 

The One Schilling Reprints

(Michel 2 and 7—both reprinted from the same die)
Only Hamburg Auflage C and D:

 Michel 2 and 7 Reprints

The Two Schilling Reprints (Mi 3)

Only Hamburg Auflage B and "Special" printings
from Auflage A:

Michel 3 Reprints

The Six Schilling Reprints (Mi 4)

Only the Berlin Reprints:

Michel 4 Reprints

The 1/4 Schilling Reprints (Mi 8)

Only the Hamburg Reprints
Auflage A-D:

Michel 8 Reprints

The 1/4 Schilling Error Reprints (Mi 8f)

All Printings (!):

Michel 8f Reprints

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