New Year's, 1965, and Judy stands on the Okinawa shore looking at the East China Sea.

It is January 1st 1965 and we are on Okinawa. Judy is standing on the shore south of Nago and looking out at the East China Sea. One of my all-time lucky photographs. After our August wedding, we toured the Northwest and Canada, ending up in San Francisco. I flew to Okinawa on a military flight and Judy followed two weeks later on a civilian flight. She was not an "authorized" dependent due to my one year tour so we had to find housing "on the economy."

We ended up in a private housing development called Morgan Manor at no. B4. Most weekends we toured the island. Sometimes we saw an unusual SIGHT and we took a picture. Often we just stayed HOME at B4 Morgan Manor.

About once a month there was an official party for officers arriving and leaving. The parties were called the "Hail and Farewell." They were usually held at the FBOOM (Fort Buckner Officers' Open Mess). An enterprising enlisted man took photos and later sold them to us. Some of them are shown HERE.