Our Concrete Home at B4 Morgan Manor

This shows our typhoon-proof house after we enclosed the tiny garage and made it our living-sitting room. Even the roof was concrete reinforced with steel rods. There were wooden shutters that slid over the windows when a typhoon came.

Judy pauses to reflect

Sometimes Judy just paused to reflect on things.

Judy fixed Christmas Dinner here on Christmas Eve.

Judy fixes Christmas dinner

My NCO's at B 4 Morgan Manner for Christmas

We invited my non-commissioned officers to dine with us and spend an evening in a real home atmosphere and away from the barracks.

From the left are: Judy, Neil (special services?), Mike Sandman (craftshop) and Ron Vella (post office). The Colonel found out that we were having the boys to dinner on a regular basis and issued an Order prohibiting fraternization between officers and enlisted men.