Postcard of Vermeer's Girl with earring

Message from Earl Boehme on Back of Postcard

I recently found this postcard which Earl Boehme sent to my mother in 1960. In 1960 he lived in Santa Monica, California, but in the 1940's he lived in La Crosse. He and my parents were close friends back in the '40's, but as the the postcard says, there had been much water over the dam since those days. The face of the postcard does not reproduce well, but it explains his "Do you remember?" He was referring to the photo at the left.

Mary Wagner and Vermeer

Sometime after I found the postcard, I found this small photo. There was once a large framed version of this photo that hung in my parents living room. The large photo is now lost. It is interesting that "The Girl with the earring" was Rachel Openlander's favorite and she had a reproduction hanging in her bedroom(See her portrait in Paintings Gallery.). And when I was learning to paint, I made a Copy which has always pleased me.