The Middle Years—
1981 through 2002

David and his St. Charles Prep Tennis Team Mates

This is the St. Charles Preparatory School Tennis Team in about 1982. The sophomores, including David, are kneeling in the front row.

David Graduates from St. Charles

David stands between his parents on the St. Charles campus following graduation exercises in June of 1984.

Here David toasts his mother at her surprise 50th birthday party—which David arranged very secretly, including bringing in family from out of town. It was a great success.

David toasts Judy at her 50th birthday party.

Claudia in Salt Lake City

Claudia posed for a friend who was an airforce photographer. She had a tenth floor condominium overlooking Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountains.

Aunt Ann took this picture of David greeting Jeff at the lake in late August, 2000.

Brother Gabriel Greets Jeff at the Lake before leaving for Rome

Fritz and Judy— Christmas 2000

Christmas 2000. Fritz and Judy outside at 422 Glen Echo Circle. It is the coldest winter in at least twenty years. Tripod the dog doesn't mind the cold.

This is Tripod. He sits in the living room in front of the beautiful nativity throw—a Christmas gift from niece Julie.


This is Claudia. She is an avid skier and since she lives in Salt Lake City, she is able to take advantage of the wonderful skiing in the Wasatch Mountains. This picture was taken in March of 2001 when Claudia was sking at Snowbird with friends.

Claudia at Snowbird

Claudia exchanges wedding vows.
Photo by Adam        

Claudia exchanges wedding vows with Tim Hackworth on October 13th, 2001. The Hackworths have made their home in Salt Lake City.

The Year 2002

On September 3rd an arsonist strikes in our street.

On our little cul-de-sac, Glen Echo Circle, the old houses are close together. We are on a little penninsula surrounded on three sides by a wooded ravine. On September 3rd, an arsonist sets fire to our neighbor's garage almost directly across our narrow street.

			Fire on Glen Echo Circle—Fire uncontrolled 

The first fire truck arrives. People get their cars off the street. It is 4:30 P.M. The fire quickly ignites the old trees near the garage. The ravine is dry and may burn. Are there enough resources being brought in?

Fire on Glen Echo Circle—Power Lines Ignite

The firemen rush into the danger. The sky is full of dense smoke and charred leaves rain on our house.

We are worried. The fire reaches the houses on either side. More fire companies arrive. Four alarm fire!

Fire on Glen Echo Circle—Wet Towels and Water

It is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is high. The firemen need a break. They are brave men. Most of them are young and strong. We take them soft drinks. It's all we can do.

Fire on Glen Echo Circle—the Red Cross Arrives

The fire is under control in an hour. The Red Cross arrives. Thank God no one is injured! I watch a fireman throwing burning books and papers from the professor's second floor study. First editions gone. Two houses uninhabitable, with roofs chopped open to pour in the water.

One of the Red Cross workers, Colleen Shillington, lived in our house thirty years ago! So much coincidence all the time! My mind is preoccupied and I have no time to think about tomorrow and what might happen to me then.

        Wednesday, September 4th

I arrive at Ohio State University Hospitals East at 5:30 A.M.   An hour later Doctor Ray Wasilewski and PA Ron Hopkins are slicing and sawing my right knee.

Titanium Alloy Ball and Pedestal

Doctor "Waz" is also a metallurgist and designed the titanium alloy fittings shown in my X-ray (The technician gave me this blurred copy!).

Immediately after regaining consciousness, I am visited by Judy and Father Thomas Kessler. Soon after I am visited by Anaïs Wise ; then by her husband and my former law partner, Mike Wise; by neighbors Maureen Crossmaker and Sam West, and by friend Father Thomas Buffer.

I do not remember now anything that was said. The morphine has that side effect! I am given superb care by Nurse Jie, by Debbie Long and by Physical Therapists Amanda and Chris. PT Marilyn Crabill cares for me when I return home four days later. I can't do much, but I can compile the photo essay on the Boston meeting of the Eric Voegelin Society.

So it was a busy September.