The Eric Voegelin Society Annual Meeting
TORONTO, CANADA    September 3rd-6th, 2009

Jodi Bruhn

Macon Boczek
On the Form of the American Mind      Macon Boczek

Greg Russell
Reinhold Niebuhr in the 21st Century      Greg Russell
Jodi Bruhn

Charles Embry
Anamnetic Literature     Charles Embry

Thomas Heilke
The Primacy of Persons in Politics      Thomas Heilke
Michael Franz          
The Modern Philosophical Revolution      Michael Franz          

          Ellis Sandoz
       Mysticism and Politics in Voegelin's Philosophy      Ellis Sandoz

Barry Cooper
Conscience, Expression and Liberty      Barry Cooper

Tim Fuller
Assessing Voegelin's Critique of Hegel      Timothy Fuller

					Steven McGuire
Jodi Bruhn
Jodi Bruhn
Jodi Bruhn
         Paul Caringella
       Voegelin and the Ancients      Paul Caringella
           Mathias Riedl
      The Political Religions at 70      Mathias Riedl
Martin Palouš          
Evil and Modern Political Thought     Martin Palouš           
Zdravko Planinc
Voegelin in Toronto, the DVD      Zdravko Planinc
Tim Hoye          
The Languages of Political Order      Timothy Hoye           

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