The Annual Meeting of
The Eric Voegelin Society
Washington D.C.

A Night Out for Indian Cuisine
Friday, September 2nd

Jim Bruton Greets Guests Jim Bruton, major domo for the evening, greets his guests as they arrive at TASTE OF INDIA .

Nancy Hall quaffs,Robin Seiler surveys, and Jim Bruton sees to the comfort of all.

Nancy Hall et alia
Bernard Bray

Bernard Bray tucks into the spicy dishes brought to table to be washed down with strong Indian beer.

Mark Theodoropoulos is flanked by Ellis Sandoz and James Galloway.

Mark Theodoropoulos and Friends
Larry Chappell and companions

Larry Chappell may be savoring his food—or he may be engaged with Plato.

Joe Feeney and Max Arnott listen to a point well made.

And were people mindful that
the next night would be. . .
the Czech Embassy reception?
Joe Feeney, Max Arnott and Companions

Panoramas of the Czech Embassy Reception

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