Paul Caringella hides his mouth Paul Caringella Incognito. When I visited San Francisco my son David arranged with Paul Caringella for me to meet Lissy Voegelin at her home in Palo Alto. She was the widow of Philosopher Eric Voegelin whose class I took in 1960 at Notre Dame when I was an undergraduate and he was visiting from Munich. Paul Caringella had been Eric Voegelin's personal assistant for a number of years towards the end of his life. He was more than that. He was perhaps closer to being the son Eric never had. When we had chatted for a while, I mentioned to Paul that, from my point of view as an artist, the mouth was much more revealing than the eyes. Whereupon Paul grabbed the lapel of his trenchcoat and pulled it across his mouth. When I got home I made an oil sketch and sent it to him as a kind of joke. But I rather like it now and I think Paul does too.