Miss Liberty-1986
Miss Liberty--1986 .  I always rather liked this combination of Rubenesque flesh and modern drapery. The alternative title for this would have been "Rough Trade."
The photo was a little cut off at the top but not much is missing.
Anyone who knows Judy would know that she cooperated in this painting, either by posing or by not chucking it out when it was done! In fact I took a picture and painted from that. I soon learned that I hadn't the patience to work from a live model. I rationalized that as long as I took the photo, I had selected the elements of the composition. But the main reason is the exhausting tension and concentration required with a live model coupled with the desire not to waste time (and sometimes money). The old masters generally made rapid drawings or sketchs and painted from them, doing without models when it came time to get out the brushes.